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summer summer   
03:01pm 28/07/2010
  It's been an insanely busy summer so far.
Here's a peek:
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tour and fun stuff   
12:41am 18/04/2010
  Life has been very busy lately. Trying to really buckle down and work on things. Need to start a new project but still trying to catch up on old ones. Tour with Paul was super fun and I think it went pretty well.

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very exciting stuff!   
04:10pm 22/01/2010
  I've bee planning this zine fest for months now with three friends and we finally have everything confirmed enough to start inviting people to come!!!

chicago zine fest

The set up goes like this:
Friday March 12th
Reading and Talking @ Quimby's bookstore (6:30-8)
Art show and Gadabout film fest @ Johalla Gallery (7-11)

Saturday March 13th
Exhibiting and Workshops @ Conoway Center at Columbia College (10-5)

It's going to be super fun, and we also need a lot of help with volunteers and getting the word out to people who would like to table. Let me know if you want to do any of this stuff. Or just come and have fun with us!!!
Check out our website at chicagozinefest.org (still under construction a bit)
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it's been a long time, livejournal.   
04:20am 01/01/2010
  hello chicago and winter.

I finally succeeded in getting a new camera. I'm still figuring out how to use it and trying to remember to take pictures when I do things, it's hard.
happy new year everyone!
It's nice to be starting a new year in a lot of ways. I was trying to think of 2009 and it was good. There were some bad things, of course, but overall it feels okay. I feel like I have moved forward in a lot of ways and am definitely becoming the person I want to be, which feels great. I like where I live. I like who I live with. I have some really amazing people I know here.
Here's some wintertime pictures..Collapse )

All in all, I feel really good where I'm at right now. This year I hope to:
1. Finish my graphic novel with Ramsey
2. Publish my writing somewhere legitimate
3. Be healthy
4. Actually make an effort to have a relationship with someone again (shocker)
5. Travel out of the country (didn't do it this year)
6. Really try to make Bum's candies work (in direct competition with #3)
7. Be creative and keep working on the things I am doing
8. Try to take every new opportunity given to me

Yah! Happy new year everyone, I love you.
bum's candies   
10:39am 03/12/2009
  spread the good word! toby and i finally are moving forward in the world of candying!!
we have an etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/bumscandies
where you should send everyone to get delicious homemade candies!
we also have a blog here: http://bumscandies.blogspot.com/
that we'll be updating when we have more exciting treats to share.
last night we experimented with three different truffle recipes and the winner will be sold in our shop
they are seriously sooooo good. haha

in other news planning a chicago zine fest.
please let me know if you're interested in it, we're hoping to have out of towners come too to table.
i'm very excited we're really close to securing a place to have it, which is a huge weight off our backs
the bad part is we either have to spend a lot of money to have it in a good place
or go for this awesome place that said we could do it there for FREE that's way south.
decisions, decisions....
i also bought a camera yesterday so i might post more since i'll have pictures again--yah!
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dressing for the job you want to have   
01:31am 16/11/2009
  i've been sick for four days straight now..it's miserable. today i didn't even really get out of my bed
which is very annoying to me.
i still went up to milwaukee yesterday for the zine fest eventhough i was felt terrible
it was so fun and really neat to see so many people doing really cool things.
people actually bought my things too which was pretty surprising.
i've never tried to sell my books to anyone so it was very strange and exciting to know people that i don't know
are reading my stories. what a crazy idea.
i just finished watching the movie picture perfect staring jennifer aniston.
there's nothing like a good rom com to lift the spirits.
toby told me he'd be home tomorrow to sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on my toast
which also made me feel better.
we tabled with my friend neil who makes really neat comics and he wrote to me today and said that hanging out
reaffirmed that he wanted to move closer to the northwest side when he moves in may
it made me kind of sad to think that i might not be here come may.
it was the first time i've thought about how much i would miss people i know here
and how much i hate moving away from places after i've worked so hard to make something nice here for myself
sigh...i hate always being torn between different places.
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prompts, please   
11:21am 04/11/2009
  So, my friend Mathew and I have started every other day writing sessions. But we need prompts. Last time we used a book title by Rita Dove and a quote from Brideshead Revisited. If you would be so inclined, you should help us out by sending us a prompt or two for us to use in our writing. Thanks! We're hoping to eventually compile a bunch of stuff and put it in a zine possibly.

note: sorry i should have said this, we're writing poetry and fiction.
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been a while   
12:50am 29/10/2009
  this past week has felt a lot more like it should in chicago
hanging out and not feeling like we need to run off some place or have to pretend like we have something we need to be doing.
greg mazur came to visit and it was matt's birthday and we played a lot of balderdash and drank a lot of milkshakes
it makes me realize what i miss here which is the comfortable hang outs
we had another pumpkin carving party and it was fun to realize how different my house is from last year
when i had rosy and olive and ramsey and courtney over to carve pumpkins with ben and his friends
i barely knew any of those girls then, it was still very early in our friendships and it's nice to know i still have them
although i haven't seen courtney in ages, which stinks.
there are certain things i miss about just having one roommate but overall it's so much nicer
i wonder where i'll be pumpkin carving next year?
last year
this year
12:28pm 08/10/2009
  just finished the story for ramsey and i's graphic novel.
it's 30 pages long--probably the longest thing i've ever written.
doesn't feel that long, i still have to edit it and add some things.

also, toby and i are starting a candy company
we're really excited. apparently his boss at the deli he works at
told him today we can sell candy there--exciting!
and we're going to have an online shop.
i'll keep you posted.
life update   
12:56pm 22/09/2009
  been trying to draw lately a semi-daily comic or drawing. it's fun. here's one from last week:
-i went to six flags when pretty much no one else was there with toby on season pass holder's only day. it was ridiculous.
-the rear wheel got taken off and stolen off by bike while it was locked up outside of my house.
-have thought a lot about where i might move in the spring
-am on page seven of the graphic novel i'm writing, but have good ideas and am excited about it
-had good luck play at our house and didn't even have one noise complaint--pretty exciting.
-rearranged my room a bit so i now have a nightstand, what a difference that makes.
-been wondering why i feel more upset and emotional than i have in a very long time
-can finally bike again to work today! horray!
-i've been stressed out about money from working 12 hours a week only at "real job"
-feeling good an excited about fall.
-anyone going to be in michigan next weekend and want to go apple picking?
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finally some summer fun   
01:46pm 31/08/2009
  i finally uploaded some pictures from my cross country trip.
just a few sillies and some gysers to wet your pallet
last night i pulled a muscle at kickball--eeeks!
fun food driving and geysersCollapse )
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from the desk of a professional writer   
02:09pm 25/08/2009
  today is day one of me owning the title writer
i started working at a new babysitting job yesterday
that is only 16 hours a week 3:30-7 mon-thurs.
therefore in the mornings 10-3 i am now a professional writer!
pretty exciting stuff. here's the blog where i've been posting writing:

i'm trying to get some stuff published and really work on stuff
so if you have any ideas or suggestions, please help me out.
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michigan equals   
02:34am 21/08/2009
  root beer, bowling, and beach
see a little of eachCollapse )
02:06am 08/08/2009
  just kidding! i feel happy to be back in chicago and ready to do all the things i want to do!!  
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long trip   
12:30am 05/08/2009
  i'm in arcata again which feels so strange
in a weird wood paneled tree house
the trip out here was amazing and fun
swimming in hot spring rivers and sleeping with buffalo
part of me never wants to go back to chicago
i saw a sunset today and was sad because i never see sunsets
why do i live somewhere that i never see sunsets?
summer is almost over; time to face the music...
i have a feeling when i get back i'm going to be very bummed out..
for multiple reasons i see coming and i'm not too excited about it
10:51pm 26/07/2009
  today, during a pizza party we were having i heard something downstairs,
went down and there was a man coming in through our back door
who had been downstairs loading up stuff from the downstairs apartment
i had a face to face run in with him and then continued to chase him down the alley
i didn't catch him and i don't know what i would have done if i had but it was crazy
i guess i caught him before anything got taken which is lucky, it's just super funny
because there's absolutely nothing downstairs that anyone would really want
i can't imagine someone walking in down there and what they would have thought
anyway, no big deal just an overall weird day..
heading out west in two days-pretty exciting stuff.
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don't forget friends...   
03:19pm 11/07/2009
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fun weekend   
09:52am 29/06/2009
  i dogsat for liam, my friend j's dog on thursday and friday. it was a retreat from being home and thinking about things. then watched kung fu panda in the park with matt, ramsey and ava. then some facts in five. woke up saturday listened to this american life and then matt and i drove with jen fodor to michigan. we dropped her in kalamazoo then went on to battle creek and went to horrocks for free coffee and bulk candy. then met my family (parents, grandparents, vic and kristen) at some sports bar, ate a black bean burger and pretended to play the lotto, then went to a musical all together. this was all to celebrate my mom's birthday. the musical was joseph and the technicolor dream coat. midway through the first act matt and i looked at each other and were like, "this is awesome!" haha. it was also in an old huge barn that had been made into a theater it was awesome. then we went and stayed with kasey in kalamazoo. we took a very very scary walk in the dark through the woods and ate giant pixie sticks on a bridge. then yesterday we drove from there to michigan city where we went to carlson's a drive up eatery that makes its own root beer and has been for 60 years, it was totally delicious. then we met nina and jodi at the indiana dunes, went swimming three different times, hung out on the beach, and am now very sunburned. then we drove back on the back roads and we went to dinner at yummy yummy. mmmm. then matt and i went home and just talked for a long time. it's nice to have someone to talk with when we both don't really feel like there's people here we trust a lot.
hanging with liam..he's the best:
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the lonely hippopotomous   
06:26pm 17/06/2009
  this is a story i wrote awhile ago and just finished making into a book with all these drawings i drew. i like it a lot. i hope you do too. if anyone wants a real paper copy i have 20 of them and i could mail you one.

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10:45pm 28/05/2009
  i'm bummed out and i don't want to be.  
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